The Focus is on "The Rock"

 Operational Excellence

Clear Brook is an operations-focused company, with appropriate staffing to ensure high run time, timely well connects, and consistent pipeline pressures through attention to pipeline sizing and compression needs.
Lack of focus and poor service from larger service providers creates the opportunity to win business from them.
Safety will be an overarching focus in every activity undertaken by Clear Brook.

The Clear Brook Energy Distinction

Clear Brook Energy is comprised of an experienced management team that continues to maintain an exceptional track record of success.
Clear Brook Energy is purposely situated to prosper with a focused and controlled cost approach.
The #1 priority in today?s market is identifying opportunities in the most economic basins that will be developed regardless of underlying commodity price volatility.
Despite many of these areas being well-developed from an infrastructure standpoint, the scale and pace of upstream development has made it challenging for midstream operators to keep up, creating opportunities for small, nimble companies such Clear Brook Energy.

 Leverage Relationships

The Clear Brook management team has been actively involved in the industry for decades and has deep relationships within the industry.
Strong relationships with suppliers have been established so to ensure the best pricing and to reduce and manage costs during project building.
The management team has an exemplary history with producers, as they know that the Clear Brook team can be trusted to provide superior service.
The management also have the proven ability to acquire non-core assets from existing midstream operators and turn them into valuable assets.

Employees with Top Talent

Employees who possess proven high-level skills have followed the management team from one opportunity to the next, thus creating continuity a strong core team that can ?hit the ground running.
Management has history of assembling a team with diverse skills sets and backgrounds including upstream expertise, operational knowledge and commercial acumen.  

Attention to Expenditures and Overhead

With management?s experience and deep industry relationships, assets are built that are more efficient and cheaper to install, thereby enhancing long-term return potential.
The team also maintains a modest overhead with money being spent on project development and not salaries and office space.